Childcare Photography

Since 2012, Cheeky Little Monkey Photography has been creating beautiful images of  Queensland children and their families. 

It’s now our mission to provide Queensland family with the opportunity to have professional high quality portraits of their children,  taken in the comfort of a childcare setting. With the experience of all being traned professional portrait photographer

For too long this style of photography has been pushed to the side and not given the value it deserves. These photographs should not just be for record keeping, they should be proudly displayed in your home. 

About Us

Cheeky Little Monkey approaches childcare photography with the same respect as they do for their family portrait sessions. Whatever the style that is chosen by the centre, be it studio or candid, the outcome will be the same, professional quality photographs of your child that you will want to frame.

Our Photographer

Our photographers are professionals with years of experience in portrait, wedding and event photography. And it is with this training and professionalism that allows Cheeky Little Monkey Photography to capture the stunning images that we are known for.

We Love Cheeky Monkeys

Another one the driving forces behind Cheeky Little Monkey wanting to change the face of childcare photography is the burden of photo day that is placed on the childcare centres, leading up to, on the day and after the event.

We strive to remove these burdens from the centres hands. We aim to make the whole experience enjoyable. We are all ways open to suggestions on how we can improve the service that we provide.

As parents

We strive to provide images that you will want to frame and display around your home.