Our goal is to create Childcare and Kindy photos that are beautiful and will become something that parents will cherish.  

The benefits of using Cheeky Little Monkey Photography for your Childcare or Kindergarten.

  • A custom made online store
  • Many services to lighten the workload

Individual Portraits

  • Studio – this is our signature style, with over 20 backdrops to choose from. We photograph on two backgrounds each time.  This style provides the most variety out of all the techniques that we use. An average of 20 images are taken. We do not use any filters or advanced editing on our images.
  • Graduation - Popular for all parents, our modern contemporary style graduation photo captures their first major milestone.

Duty of care information - Privacy

  • If you wish to not have your child’s images on our private gallery, we can have a proof sheet emailed to you. 
  • If you wish to have your child’s image not in the class photo, please let us know before photo day. In most cases, if we are providing composite class photos, they can be added and removed from the composite image. If we are providing a classic class photo, we will need to know before photo day to ensure that we can take two photographs.  This ensures that everyone can still have a class photo. 

What do I need to know as a parent?

What to dress my child in

  • We recommend clothing with no logos and something that you would like to see your child in if you were getting a professional portrait taken.  
  • Always pack a spare set of clothes just in case something happens before they have their photo taken. 
  • Please understand that CLMP and your centre take no responsibility for the appearance of your child. We will try to keep them as neat and tidy as possible.
  • Please do not bring your child in if they are sick.

Sibling photos

We photograph all siblings, even if they do not attend the centre, so please bring them in a for a photo of all your children. If your child can't sit independently, then we will ask that you have them sit on your lap.

Payment options

Paypal, Direct deposit and Credit card.

Payments need to made before orders will be fulfilled. If payment is not made before the close of the gallery, then the order will incur the $16.00 postage and handling fee and may not be delivered at the same time as the rest of the centre’s orders.

Payment plans are available for orders over $80. Terms and conditions apply.

Download images

If you order image files and choose the download option, they will be made available within one week of your payment clearing.  Payments can sometimes take up to 48hrs to clear.

Late orders

Any orders made after the store has closed will incur a postage and handling fee of $16 and the order will be sent directly to you by registered mail.

How the day works

Our session starts 45 minutes after opening.

If your child does not attend on the date of the shoot or if they are a school-aged sibling, they can come in before 9.00am.

Please understand that there could be a wait, and everyone is seen in order of arrival.

Teaching children to say “cheese”

We recommend not teaching your children to say “cheese” to get them to smile as the smiles tend to look fake. We have special techniques to get the best smiles from you and your family.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be delivered to your centre 2 weeks after the store has closed.

  • Three weeks after the photo day, the individual galleries will be open.
  • They are open for two weeks only for purchases.
  • Once the store has closed, all orders will be delivered to your centre within two weeks.